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Tubz Toyz Vending Tower (Chrome)

Tubz Toyz Vending Tower (Chrome)

They can be fitted to a wall, on a stand or simply sit on a bar top or flat surface.

The dispensers are manually operated with no need for electricity and come complete with instructions.

There are millions of potential outlets for this dispenser and it is easy to site and sell this well known and loved product.

The TUBZ concept is used in the hotel & catering industry, sports canteens, video shops, gas stations, licensed trade; in essence anywhere there is a through flow of people.

The Towers offer a great service to customers and are very easy to operate. You are just one twist away from the tasty TUBZ Toyz of your choice.

Exceptionally reliable our exclusive TUBZ vending towers offer an ingenious and timesaving way to display and serve our unrivalled product.

Measurements: diameter: 30 cm, height: 81 cm (adjustable)

Content: 9 x 9 compartments, total contents: 110-120 Tubz (adjustable)

Choice of price: £1 Coin (adjustable)

Please note products not included (These can be puchased separately online).

This product is only available to registered customers

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